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To prevent bedbug infestation, one must maintain a high standard of housekeeping and hygiene within the house.

Cracks and crevices should be sealed so that they do not provide hiding places for bedbugs.

Furniture and mattresses, especially the second-hand ones, should be inspected before bringing them into the house. If the house is infested with bedbugs, insecticide treatment of the house should eradicate the pest.

The whole premises should be inspected and treatment must be carried out on furniture and in cracks and crevices. Infested mattresses can be wrapped in black plastic sheets and placed in the hot sun for several hours.

The heat from the sun will kill the bedbugs while wrapping the mattresses in plastic ensures that the bedbugs do not escape when they are confronted with the heat.

After insecticide treatment of the house, a high standard of cleanliness must be maintained for long-term control of bedbugs.